Penta Electromec provides high standard professional services to the ever-growing shipping industry. Situated in the financial capital and the busiest port of India - Mumbai and having Branch Offices at Kolkata and Visakhapatnam.
Established in 2002, Penta is registered with various Shipping Companies, Shipyards and Government / Statutory Bodies and largely aims to contribute to the strength of India's shipping force.
We at Penta, provide total solutions to new building industry for electrical and electronic equipments by providing complete bridge and engine/cargo control package. As a part of worldwide service network of international makers, we offer Annual Maintenance Contracts, apart from regular supply and service of equipments.
We understand that the world of commerce is never static. It undergoes perpetual changes in response to market trends and legislation on national, state and local levels. Specialized knowledge, ability to keep abreast of today's ever-changing environment and the skill to maximize opportunities as they arise are the pillars of strength at Penta.
Our goals include helping our clients identify opportunities, avoid pitfalls, plan assiduously for the future and provide value for money. Our numerous long-term relationships with clients speak for the value of service we provide.
Penta Electromec is a closely held private limited company formed by Mr. R. D. Prasad.
Mr. R. D. Prasad
Mr. R. D. Prasad has rich experience in the field of automation and communication for more than two decades. By qualification, he is an Engineer in Electronics. He has promoted Internationally well-known Makers of Marine Electronics items and obtained an impressive market share for the Principals. He has very good relations with the National Maritime Authorities of India, Shipyards and Ship Owners.
Mr. M. V. Rao
Mr. M. V. Rao is a Business Graduate with degrees in Business Management and Finance. He has worked with various Corporate Companies such as Associated Bearing Company (SKF), Larsen and Toubro Ltd., Usha Martin Black Ltd. and Fuji Photo Films before joining Marine Industry. He has lead Marine Navigation & Communication Department for more than two and half decades and developed very close relations in Marine Industries.
Needless to say that our directors and their team are well acquainted with the Indian industry vis-à-vis government policies, which give us an edge over others in the industry. The promoters have good relationship with the various officials of various sections of the industry. The management of the firm comprises of well-educated, smart people with pleasing personalities and their motto is 'Anything Is Possible'.
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